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As a 25+ year homeschooling vet, post-cancer, math prof, mother of five, master's track and field athlete, and certificated private pilot, I have a lot to share about what God has done in my life. In 2000 I began writing devotions as something to try when it seemed like accoustic pianists were becoming an endangered species at church. I have since found great blessings from writing and sharing. God is good.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Belated Pi-Day Chuckles

Fun Facts    Mag-pi : an irrational bird.
Pi-ano: a transcendental musical instrument.
Pi-ca: font type π in height.
pi-man Lambert:       Used a tan-ed pi.  Very irrational!
American Pi: 3.14… stars
: It was transcendental!
Fruit pi: fig, a plum, a peach, raspberry,…
Pi’d Piper:

Pi-thon: official Pi-Day mascot

Mrs. Vaughn’s Pneumonic – Now, I wish I could blackbelt my number facts and learn concepts acceptably


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