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As a 25+ year homeschooling vet, post-cancer, math prof, mother of five, master's track and field athlete, and certificated private pilot, I have a lot to share about what God has done in my life. In 2000 I began writing devotions as something to try when it seemed like accoustic pianists were becoming an endangered species at church. I have since found great blessings from writing and sharing. God is good.

Monday, July 19, 2010

We All Scream for Ice Cream!

First Published July 14, 2010

Philippians 4:11
…For I have learned to be content in whatever circumstance I am.

Very recently, as in last night, I had a craving for ice cream. It was a pleasant thought of desire and anticipation. I could picture the color and creaminess, smell the sweet flavor, and imagine the taste. I was gazing at my husband Jeff’s bowl of the frozen delight! I stopped my crocheting and hopped up to partake of a few portions myself.

After finishing off that last spoonful of vanilla ice cream, I realized that I have always enjoyed it. When I was young ice cream was a special dessert in my family. My mother rarely served desserts, but when we had them ice cream was the favorite pick. At that time I was too young to pay for my own ice cream, but when my father opened his grocery store, I could look at the ice cream and dream of tasting all the favors and varieties. Strawberry, Peach, Marble Fudge, Eskimo Pies ©, Big Stick ©, Drumstick ©, Ice Cream Sandwiches, pint size, quart size, half-gallon size, party sprinkles, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup. Wow. Yet, it is interesting that my mother continued to serve us only vanilla, chocolate, or Neapolitan flavors.

Now, as an adult, I am able to purchase any variety of ice cream I want. I could even have about as much as I want, just shy of permanent “brain freeze”! Even though ice cream in itself is not sinful, if you knew I was eating only that, you’d think something was very, very wrong.

There are many desires in this world that God places here for our enjoyment. When we were young, hopefully there was someone like a parent who restricted us, not allowing more than we could handle. But there is no one among us who has not been tempted to “eat ice cream all day,” over indulging because we want to or we can. Instead, we need to be happy with just a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream.

Let’s meet this challenge boldly. Today pray that we are restrained from abusing privileges we have. Eating? Spending? Time management? The time to deal with it is now.

**** ****
Dear Lord, I come humbly before you to ask for strength. I have the means to enjoy many wonderful things, but often over-do. Help me to be content in all times and circumstances. Let today’s verses be ingrained inwardly and outwardly. I pray this in Jesus’ name.

Copyright 2010, Karen Vaughn

Saturday, July 03, 2010

More Lessons and Sightseeing

Over the coastline in Kona, Big Island, HI
At the controls of a Cessna 182S
Over our cruise ship Kahului, Maui, HI
At the controls in a Cessna 172SP over Kahului, Maui, Hi; Instructor Awesome Joe!